Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Motivates Youth?

McCann, a research and marketing company, put out a report called The Truth About Youth. You can view the whole report here.

In this fascinating study, McCann surveyed 7000 youth around the world, asking them questions about what motivates them.

Here are the sixteen qualities youth rated:
So, what do you think? Which were ranked highest amongst youth around the world? Here we go...

The top three motivators are Commune (the need for connection, relationships and community), Justice (the need for social or personal justice, to do what's right, to be an activist), and Authenticity (the need to see things as they are).

These three motivators tell us why it's so important to teach our students to be global citizens. Our students yearn to work together, to be connected, to see the truth, and to achieve what's right, all qualities of global citizens.

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